Leadership Development

Leaders in the disability community express positions on important issues.Individuals who hold elected and appointed office have a direct impact on our lives. Leaders with disabilities have the power to change our perceptions as well as our laws by dispelling stereotypes. We feel that the disability community’s presence in the Presidential Administration is critical to ensuring ongoing progress toward the ADA’s goals of achieving equality of opportunity, full participation, economic self-sufficiency, and independent living for the 54 million or more Americans with disabilities.

Recognizing its significance, Power & Pride has put leadership development at the forefront of our agenda. We work closely with the Presidential Personnel Office at the White House to find and place qualified applicants from the disability community into critical positions within the Administration. We promote the appointment of candidates with disabilities who are committed to issues confronting the community, irrespective of political party affiliation.

To be considered for a political appointment, please complete the information requested on our Consideration for Political Appointment Application here.